Proto Thunder Alpha (2011)

Proto Thunder Alpha is a 2D game (with little 3D showing here and there) horizontal shoot'em up, like Gradius and R-Type. It takes some limitations of older systems like Nintendo and Master System and creates it's entire aesthetics based on this, making use of higher resolutions and general modern software. In addition of using classic hardware as inspiration, the game also borrows some concepts from the ones that defined the genre and adds fresh ideas, aiming for enjoyment of both retrogamers and the new generation. Speaking of retrogamers, they will surely find homages to classic tittles.

The current version has two levels of difficult and three stages, each with it's own unique hazzards, enemies and bosses. The final version will have ten or so levels, multiple paths, weapon select and ship upgrades. News regarding the development will be posted here!

Also, if you have the opportunity of playing this on a tube television, do it. The result is incredible!

Stage 1

 Stage 3