Paulo Cezarino - Graphic and game designer on Artica Game Studio

Since I can remember there are three things I love the most: ninjas, robots and spaceships (mixes counting too). Games like Gradius, R-Type, Star Fox, Sonic Wings and so on were very influential on my childhood and now I decided to make a homage to all those ones in the form of these games. I work primarily with graphic design and game planning, but I found on Multimedia Fusion and Construct 2 an easy way to give life to those things. In 2011 I did the original version of Proto Thunder and now I'm working on the new mobile and PC versions with...

Bruno Gruber - Graphic and game designer on Artica Game Studio too

Gaming has shaped me into what I am today. As a graphic designer, I felt the need to give back to the world some of the good feeligs that I had as a player, and that's the reason why I'm working on Proto Thunder and other Artica's projects: I want to give you the chills.

Thommaz Kauffmann - Musician

Music is very important to intensify feelings on general entertainment media, videogames included, so I'm taking a lot of responsibility here. Moreover, since this project (and the other ones I'm working for too) tries to emulate a very specific aesthetic (from the games of the 80's and 90's era), I can clearly say I'm learning a lot from the classics. My favorite styles are instrumental, progressive, jazz and classical.